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Liberation of Bystrica - 16th July, Saturday - ZEUS CO41


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Liberation of Bystrica

Zeus Co41 - 16th July, Saturday - 0900PM CEST - 0300PM EST - 0700PM GMT (http://www.worldtimebuddy.com You can convert time using this for your timezone)


Army & Unit: USMC Mechanized Platoon + attached Navy Corpsman & Artillery Unit.

Map: Bystrica

Slots: 41

Jip: Jips can join 5-10 min after mission start, after that it's none.

Respawn: None, Spectator.

Mission Lenght: Depends on the decisions of the Mission Commander, possibly 100 min +/-

Brief: Full Brief in this thread, shorter brief in-game.

Loadouts: Pre-set, supplies and extras (Bonuses) in vehicles.

NO SIGNUPS! First come, First Served.

Full Brief:



8th July, 0600 AM, 2016. Bystrica Region, Ukraine. Morning, 9'C, Overcast, 15-38% precipitation, chance of storm: Low

Ukraine has been through a lot these past few months, Separatist getting their hands on high tech weapons, equipment and training,

heavy shelling and losing a lot of it's territory, Russia's influence and it's threats and a lot more.


US Has finally responded and declared it will send some of it's forces to aid and support the falling Ukraine regime, while also gaining a foothold

in the country for it's influence and to deal with the upcoming Russian threat.


Russia's response to this is more equipment being sent to the separatists, more training and quite possibly even it's own forces are coming into play.

The old Cold War chest board is coming off the shelf, dusted off for use for US & Russia, only now it's used with it's forces as well... Perhaps.


5 US Mechanized Company Group (5 USMCG) has been tasked with helping out the Ukrainian forces with 16th Air Assault Brigade (16 AAB) as it's air support

to push the separatists back and out of the Ukrainian territory and possibly go for a full frontal assault against Russia


1. Enemy Forces
    a. Composition:
    Moderately trained by Russian forces, including veteran fighters, highly motivated, 
    moderately equipped separatists armed with a range of arms, such as AKs, RPKs/PKTs, and different RPGs

   They also have access to BTRs, BMPs, T-72s, Mi-8s and possibly Russian support like SU-34s, T-90s, BMP-3s and more.
    b. Dispositions:
    The enemy dispositions is unknown at this time, but are known to be moving into defensive positions to resist the
    incoming US Forces, Intel suggest they are going to be using Dynamic fighting
    c. Strength:

    precis number is unknown, but is thought to be around 3-4 Platoons strength,
    possibility of reinforcements from other regions, and perhaps from even Russia. Intel is currently being gathered
    to be sent to the Platoon Commander (Player)
    d. Most Probable Course of Action
    Enemy engaged us to deal damage, and withdraw
    e. Most Dangerous Course of Action
    Enemy engage our forces with all their might and crushes them.


2. Friendly forces

    a. Higher Units Mission
    The 5 US Mechanized Company Group (5 USMCG) is to assist and liberate the occupied regions within Ukraine.
    The plan is to reinforce Ukraine and supply their forces while helping out in their
    effort of quelling the separatists while pushing Russia's influence out of the country.
    The 5 US Mechanized Company Group (5 USMCG) also has support of the 16th Air Assault Brigade (16 AAB) with CAS and other support
    they can offer.
    b. Disposition:
    Our Boxer Platoon is currently located on the far EAST of the region of Bystrica, we've just arrived from the naval port E-SE of our location,
    around 32 clicks away. Our other platoons is tasked with other regions and also to secure the Supply lines for each platoon via ground & air.
    c. Strength:
    We're currently a platoon+ strength with the attached navy corpsman & the artillery unit. Reinforcements is not possibly currently but we got
    possible support from air assets and artillery fire from CP Warpig


The Boxer Platoon is to clear the route and push forward towards the town of Katouysha, we're to secure and clear the town of enemy hostile forces and later on consolidate north.
This mission will be a success if we can clear and secure the town with less than 60-69% loss of troops, to use it as a stronghold to support our future


Intent Statement: Boxer Platoon will PUSH & SECURE the town far west steadily with moderate to none casualties


1. Concept of Operation
Boxer Platoon will push west, clear the path towards the town of Katouysha to secure the town, establish a foothold for our airborne supply lines.
Boxer Platoon will then afterwards consolidate north to keep the separatist & possibly the Russian forces at bay while friendly forces establishes
the base of operation.not


    a. Maneuver:
    Mission Commander's Discretion
    !Utilize the low & high grounds for our advantage and push steady.!


    b. Task to Maneuver units:
    !Move steady and clear the route towards the town, utilize the Scouts & artillery unit to make it easier to push through.!


    c. Coordinating Instructions:
    Mission Commander's Discretion.


    d. Dress State:



1. General
    a. Resupply Points:

    b. Casualty and Damaged Equipment:


2. Material and Services
    a. Subsistence:

    b. Medical Evacuations:


3. Personnel
Navy Corpsmen for Medical assistance.

Mission Command and Signals will not be changed, unless approved by the supervising GM/Zeus


1. Command
    a. Higher Unit's Command Post:
    5 US Mechanized Company Group is located 14 clicks east of our location at CP Warpig

    b. Succession of Command:
    Platoon Commander, Platoon 2iC, Alpha 1'1, Bravo 1'2, Charlie 1'3, Prowler Commander, Sierra.


2. Signal

    a. Frequencies:
    Long Range:
    Channel 1,  - Platoon net (PLTNET 1)
    Channel 2,  - Fire Net    (FIRES)
    Channel 3,  - Company Net (COYNET)
    b. Callsignes
    Boxer 1'6   - Platoon Commander
    Freya       - Corpsman
    Alpha 1'1   - 1st Squad
    Bravo 1'2   - 2nd Squad
    Charlie 1'3 - Weapon Squad
    Sierra      - Scouts
    Prowler     - Bradley (M2A2ODS 'BUSK I')
    Archer      - Artillery Unit (M109A6)
    c. Challenge & Password
    Challenge - Lion
    Password  - King


Mission Notes:
This mission was made by HitTheMan for a game night with AHOYWORLD, EU3 Realism Server.
Mission is from a similar mission played a long time ago on ArmA 2 with United Operation, wanted to see what choices people do here.
Thanks for everyone who came to play/join the mission, and those who read this post :D

End of Brief.


Zeus will be used to generate the soldiers, act both as the BLUFOR & OPFOR Commander, give Intel about the enemy forces from outside sources (Satellite, frequencies hunting, etc).

Generate side mission if needed, and provide a fun, excited, "Hard", and realistic game play for the players.


MAP of the mission:




In this mission a lot can or can not happen, so when playing expect anything, at any moment, from anything to happen, you are after all in enemy occupied territory.


Who ever is planning on taking the lead as the Mission Commander (Platoon CO), if you need intel/information through out the mission, don't hesitate. Just go on Channel 3 for COYNET and ask the company/me zeus and i'll try my best to provide the Intel/Info you need :D


Questions for this Operation? Post them below or PM me on the forum or TS3 :) 


Best Regards,


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4 hours ago, HitTheMan said:

Mission is from a similar mission played a long time ago on ArmA 2 with United Operation,

I KNEW I saw this from somewhere years ago! Ahh, the nostalgic memories...

Badger-1 is coming back...and this time, it's callsign Prowler...


P.S. I dunno if 1.b. is supposed to be cut off after the word "and"

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3 minutes ago, Liru the Lcpl. said:

I KNEW I saw this from somewhere years ago! Ahh, the nostalgic memories...

Badger-1 is coming back...and this time, it's callsign Prowler...


P.S. I dunno if 1.b. is supposed to be cut off after the word "and"

Hah, yeah, the memories. :D


And yeah, I fixed the Situation 1.b . My fingers were going quite fast when typing that Briefing ;)

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