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[HOW TO] Picking an LZ


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Hey guys in this video i'll be explaining on how to pick an LZ in the invade and annex servers. I'll just recap my video briefly here as well. 

1: The LZ need to have enough distance between you and the AO or AA

2: make sure you have something between you and the AO like a mountain. (make sure mountain is higher compared to the highest point of the AO).

3:Always keep your final approach low so that AA doesn't get a lock on to your Helo.

4: Use Common sense every LZ and situation is different ^^


If you guys have any questions and or other tips because i know i haven't covered everything in this video be free to leave a post.


See you guys on the battlefield

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1 hour ago, D.v.Brandenburg said:

This topic needs to be pinned and linked in the pilots rules and any other related pilot/flying discussion.

Great tutorial!


Will there be a more advanced tutorial?

If people want me to do a more in depth one then i can deliver this one was just a quick tutorial i whipped up one evening :P

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