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Hello AhoyWorld


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After about 2 weeks of playing on EU#3 and lurking on the forum i'd like to introduce myself.


First of all for all wondering my nick is indeed pronounced Brain. It's what my friends called me back in school and it kinda stuck with me.

But since "Brain" is taken almost everywhere i started spelling it "Br41n".


A little bit about me:

I'm 27 years old and live in south Germany. I've been gaming pretty much my whole live and always enjoyed realistic and immersive games.

That's what drew me to ARMA 2 back in the day and of course i've played my fair share of DayZ (not standalone) back then.

After playing a whole bunch of other games i finally picked up ARMA 3 a few months back and i've been loving it so far.


I found AhoyWorld through some old Luetin videos but the mostly unorganized "everyone by himself" kind of "mess" on EU#1 was not what i was looking for. Luckily i found EU#3 and gave it a try. I'm really enjoying it so far. Not only the playing style but even more so the really open and helpful atmosphere!!! I've watched a whole bunch of ARMA videos including a lot of MilSim type operations. And while it's really great to watch the strict nature of that seems a bit overkill to me. So EU#3 really feels like the best of both worlds! Just a bunch of guys that enjoy playing tactically together.


But enough of that. I'm really looking forward to some great times and future events!

See you on EU#3



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