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John McClane

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Hey guys so im trying to do some video editing and clean some of the raw clips ive gotten from arma 3 to get them ready for a really cool video idea i have. BUT the two editors ive used the playback within the editor is horrible, sometimes the footage doesnt even play back.Which then makes my editing impossible. 


BUT if i play the footage on somthing like VLC it works fine :) 


I have 16GB of ram and A intel Core i7 so i should have enough power to be able to edit videos haha. 

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As I understand it you are saying that you are having an issue with editing where the playback window is jumpy or non functional? I had the same issue with an old laptop, however I think that was a problem with the laptop lacking power more than anything, getting a new laptop completely fixed the problem. Power doesn't seem to be an issue for you though! :lol:  Some editing software allows you to change the amount of RAM available to the program, so if you can find that give it more ram as not enough RAM is a common cause of this problem.


Can you post which software(s) you have tried?

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AVS was the program I initially used, which caused problems on my outdated machine however these were fixed once I bought a more powerful laptop. Since you aren't lacking in power (your specs are exactly the same as mine), then we must assume its something else. I can't remember off the top of my head whether its possible to increase the amount of RAM AVS can access but have a hunt in the settings to try and find something that would give it more power. Also in AVS, in the editing settings change the "preview" setting to Low, this speeds up the playback by reducing its quality.

I'm afraid I can't help with Loilo, it's not a software I have any experience with.

Another thing that could cause this, as Zissou just said, would be the actual recorded files, sometimes they cause issues in the playback window.

A more detailed description of the issue and exactly what is happening would be helpful :)

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