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Change render distance anywhere



Would it be possible to make it so that you can change render distance through a menu accessable from anywhere?

It's nice to be able to change render distance for air vehicles, ground vehicles and infantry independently, an on the go. I've seen that implemented on other servers and it's quite useful. Often when you realize that you need to change it (due to poor fps or too low visibility) you're not anywhere near the base. You're either flying a jet, or you're far away in a helicopter/tank or sitting on a hill with a sniper rifle, realizing you cannot see your target, even thoguh you clearly should.

Basically, is it possible to import the render distance menue from EU3, or create something similar on EU1&2?
I've seen such menues on other servers before, and such a function is really nice to have here aswell.

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If I'm correct EU#1 used to have this, but it was chosen for to put in on the VAC guy to get it off the action menu.

Might have also had to do with lag issues, but you might want to wait for the actual I&A developer to answer that, as the couple of people I consulted - because I wasn't sure either - had mixed answers.

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The original way the script was made, it was sending "traffic" all the time, meaning the option was always available for you all the time.


With all of the other scripts running in the background, this was one which was rewritten to minimize that.

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