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Port Attacks - Naval Action


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Over the weekend Saturday/Sunday we look to take control of the ports around Jamaica.


Our goal: To take control of Saint Ann, Montego Bay and Savanna La Mar.


You'll require a Cerberus and the rank of First Lieutenant or above.


Sadly this means not everyone can be involved but under manning below 1st LT Is just too little. 



Hopefully see a good number at sea. We shall also have support from the nation.


Saturday: Group up Carlisle @ 12pm GMT to move on Savanna La Mar.


Sunday: No time set yet. Pending discussion.

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Update: ARSE nd ROYAL have said they'll support us during the attacks on Saturday, ARSE will also continue the attacks after I leave, so hopefully the rest of us can help them out.


So far for sunday we're looking to go with Royal and capture Nippes and the two french ports up that end. (East of Jamaica)

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