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[Info] Some mods can be updated

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I started playing a couple of days ago without any mods. When I found out that you are allowed to use some specific mods, I began downloading them manually (yes, the long way to install mods  :blink:). When I had some problems with mods, I installed Arma3Sync and used the autoconfig and noticed that some mods are outdated.
So here is a list of the mods that can be updated for the normal servers:
  • Blastcore Tracers (latest: A3 - Update 10)
  • CCIP (latest: v0.4a)
  • DragonFyre (latest: 2.5 - Build 1.1)
  • ShackTac HUD (latest: st_ui_140808)

When I was at it, I also checked for updates for the modded server:

  • Panthera (latest: 3.36)
  • ShackTac HUD (latest: st_ui_140808)

This is just a informational post to let the staff know that there are new updates for their modpacks.


I also want to ask to support DynaSound (Armaholic - BI Forums) as some people are beginning to use this new sound mod.

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As of EU1, we haven`t spoken about about updating stuff, but we might just add new Bikeys to servers to allow the usage of newer versions.


Newest DragonFyre is supported by public servers, they have a bikey for a week or two now, but the repo hasn`t been updated yet due to us just testing it out before we add it fully.

Dynasound is a great sound mod as well, we are looking into adding as well.


EU3 repo will be updated soon, where both DragonFyre and Dynasound bikeys will be added to the server, but they won`t be in the repository due to them not being necessary mods for EU3, but optionals.

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