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Emil Ban Appeal


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My ingame name is Emil

I was banned for Tk at Evac and the instantly Dc


Me and a cupple of friends was on a Lan "party" and i was playing arma on your server with one of my friends.

he was  a bit pissed of already at me for incident that i don't whant to mention in this text (private).


He died and missclicked on the respawn button and for some stupid reason blamed me for it becus why the hell not,

a few minutes later when the mission was completed i wen't to the bathroom and i even told him the moment i left my PC

"do not mess around with my game now".


When i came back i was disconnected from the server and i didn't know why, i thougt it was a server restart.

i didn't feel like playing more arma so i Exited the game.


It was only when i noticed i was banned he told me what he had done.


I know it's my responsibility to make sure he doesn't screw around ingame but there was nothing else i could do that tell him not to touch my pc.


The admin bannig me was Pero


I was banned about 2-3 months ago


I'm sorry the tk happened and i'm asking for a second chance

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Hey Emil,


I have not forgotten the last time you appealed the ban was kept in place. As it has been almost a month since your last appeal I see that you are still determined to rejoin our community. Based on your persistence I am going to take the decision to remove the ban this time.


Please do not sacrifice this second chance. Take my advice from before and ensure your computer stays secure. If this happens again the ban WILL remain permanently, regardless of who is the cause of it.


- Danny (Community Referee)

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