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Hi everyone :D


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Hi there all, I hope to join in game tonight. Looking forward to my 1st A3 co-op and joining in the fun.

I have mainly played single player/multi up to this point for a couple of years so now looking to expand into some team work scenarios.


Catch up in ts n game.





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Welcome MillionKnives after you've played on Invade and Annex for a while you could join us on Gauntlet EU3 it's the modded version of Invade and Annex but keep playing Invade and Annex for a while cause once you go to Gauntlet there's no turning back  :D.


Well after you've played Invade and Annex for a bit come back to this forum and download the mods just follow this guide



While downloading the mods you should check these out so you're not confused or break a rule






Once you're in the server just tell em you're new and they should assist you but if not go chat with a Field Ambassador or an Admin or me if I'm there.

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