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Back blast bug fixed in ACE 3.3.2?

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Arma3sync told me today I needed to update my modset, and it seems ACE 3.3.2 is brand new:


Advanced medical system and backblast CTD. (#2519)
Wheel added to cargo on player connect. (#2488)
Medical Treatment Log Time. (86fae2c)
Blue Force Tracking Module. (#2503)
Fix XEH Warning Debug. (79d985a)
Allow fixing jam when in FFV slot. (#2546)
Fix CPR params. (#2492)
Lockpicking not working. (#2495)
Fix Explosives / Interaction Menu conflict (#2572)
Added diagnose to torso (for real this time). (#2466)


I hope this fixes MAT squad causing CTDs! :)



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This update is very appreciated. I have been causing several crashes when i fired too close to walls, trees, humvees and what not. Several times i have also caused other peoples game to crash which doesn´t make you feel great either. Thumbs up to the Ahoy crew for the fast update to ACE 3.3.2   :P

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