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The memory could not be written. We'll see about that :angry:


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Skip to third paragraph for the solution


  On vanilla Arma3 I was really happy when playing on Ahoy servers EU#1 and EU#2. I've met funny, talkative, respectful and helpful people. Every time I have question I get short and well explained answer. Then I've decided since Arma3 should be at least mild mil-sim to try EU#3 which was a hype on EU#1 campers (people like me camping on Ahoy servers). The story goes like this. We're playing and having great time on EU#1. Then one cool kid came from EU#3 and said how they were pinned down in some city, bullets were flying around, but they couldn't protect all the corners. They've called for reinforcements and finally managed to EVAC with great casualties. Combat atmosphere all over it. Cool war stories that got me hooked up. Now, EU#3 is my residential place.


    We all know this message very well. Link. But how to end this? The problem started after one or two weeks after playing on EU#3. Now, I'm not tech guru and It's not even my profession not even a hobby. Sometimes I know my way around and Go()gle is my friend (at least this time).I'm very tolerant so even I get message two times in a row I still had that love for EU#3 and all the small plays. I just re-run the game and hope I won't get that error again. I don't want to spend time on reading how actually memory allocators work or why is it causing it. Short story: Windows doesn't give A3 access using large chunks of memory, greater than 4KB.


     In Arma3Sync you have options under Launcher Options tab to change that. I was said to tick box at malloc to tbb4malloc_bi. I was so happy that I'd finally get rid of that annoying crash message. I was wrong. It was still happening like I've done nothing. Then I've found this: @fred41's memory allocator. It has explanation and is super easy to configure. It even explains what's doing. Now remember, I've tested only this allocator but you can test with Arma's allocators as well. Since this one is working for me I won't change. I do get crashes here and there but it's not memory involved anymore (reported for steam ticket crashes). At least for now.


For security policies modification: Win+R> write “secpol.msc”> “Local Policies” hierarchy tree> “User Rights Assignment” > On right side find “Lock pages in memory” > RMB for properties. >LMB for “Add User or Group” > find “typeyourPCusername” = restart your PC. You should be in game by now and not on this thread on forums.

-I don't know what could be the consequences of using large pages of memory for your Win User Account. Go(o)gle is my enemy.


You'll also have present from your PC when you actually stand on the EU#3 land and open your virtual eyes for the first time. Hint: @Game will stop saying “Don't move!, Don't move!” at the beginning of the mission.



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Update: One of Ahoyworld users hadn't a command to access Local security policy. This happens if you have Windows Home (Premium). From microsoft technet

and microsoft helpdesk there is written solution of enabling Local Security Policy on lower editions of Windows. However, that wasn't our case so the user updated windows to Ultimate version. It worked like a charm from that point.


- additional info about Local Security Policy registry keys and Auth error NTLM or Kerberos

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