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One shot kills

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I´ve noticed that since the patch from yesterday (17 sept) i keep getting one shotted. When i played before the patch one shot kills were rare apart from the .50 cal or other heavy caliber. From playing today and yesterday i´ve died like 5 or 6 times and every one of them was a one shot kill despite me wearing high armour uniform, vest and helmet. Have this happened to anyone else or am i just getting really unlucky? Want to add that besides this i love EU #3, all the mods makes this a very realistic game which is the reason why i play Arma :) 

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Don't get me wrong @Slugg087 but I can't actually take this seriously. I don't know if you are joking. Try game Red Orchestra 2. Mostly it's onehitinstagibmodalloverit. Then... back to ARMA3 :)


But I'll look into it. When I was rolling with beanie i was two or three times shot in head and it showed only blue. I bandaged myself and only bacame drug addict. But I was alive. Then I stop playing the role of Rambo SAS mode and went back of having helmet. Then I got one shot killed with AKs.


The best way to you to try this is going into virtual arsenal and try shooting white dudes walking around. Try shooting them in helmet with various ammo and also try shooting them into face. You will see the difference immediately. I'm saying this because It really matters in which exact position you get shot. It's vector based game with so much details that you actually forgot you are sorrounded by physics.

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Well i think you are missing my point. I´ve been plenty of times in Arma 3 and in EU #3. Most of the times i just bandage myself up and get on with it. But ever since the patch a couple of days ago where they updated the repository with ACE. 3.1.1, RHS and some wepon mods it feels like something has changed and now i can only take one shot, I can definitely feel a difference from before the repository update.

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Strange, I haven't noticed it. Then it depends what vest or helmet you are carrying. But RHS should be all we use for BLUFOR. Which particular you were wearing. So I could try it on that.


The IOTV Grenadier vest caused the bug. Changed to the RHS rifleman vest, which works as intended

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