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Mission wont sart...


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Hello! I just wanted to start the Operation Gautlet Modded Mission on my private server. (the mission is from armaholic).

So wenn i want to choose the mission in #missions the loadscreen comes up and it instandly jumps back to the mission select screen.

That means that i cant start the mission... Do somebody have any idea why??


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Modset: @ace;@CBA_A3;@DAC;@MELB;@RHSAFRF;@RHSUSF;@task_force_radio;@AlRayakV002;@ASDG_JR;@fhq_accessories;@MFFA;@mrt_accfncs;@panthera;@TRYK;@sthud;   Thanks for your help. BTW: with that modset activated i cant activate any mission. not even the standart missions... Idk whats wrong....

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Yea i know I cant do the cup Terrains thing on the server with multiple reasons... (My internet is sh**) D:

But i am trying to start altis why do I need this map pack then?? Remember: No mission (not even altis) is starting...


If you want to do me a favour: Could you tell me all the names of the CUP pack because if i am searching in the mod files (witch i have downloaded via arma sync via ahoyworld.co.uk) there are many mods with the name @cup... can you tell me witch one i need?

thanks for the help!

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