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Teamspeak problems


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Having played a few times on EU3 and running into problems.

At first it seems my mic isnt working correctly. It seems to be working fine from time to time but more frequently it dosnt. Plugs are in the right place, (voice) volume turned up and nothing happens. Also pressing the right "push to talk" and being in the right channel (direct communication, right?)


2nd, i get disconnected/errors in teamspeak itself. I sometimes receive the message "invalid parameter size". Getting disconnected and need to stop playing, go to setuproom and re-join. Sometimes twice in a short period like 5 minutes.


In the last place, in direct communication  i have a bad sound quality when others are speaking and frequently stuttering, only able to hear part of what people are saying.


Any help would be appreciated!



- all drivers updated

- working correctly on other teamspeak servers








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I've heard some other users have had this issue too. I've forward it on so it will deffo get looked into :)

While your at it Josh, could you see if there's any solution to hot mic with push-to-talk after having spoke over the TFAR radio?

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