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New to Arma server


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Well just started playing on the Arma 3 server couple days ago and loving it.  I am sure some have seen me around on there.  I play pretty much all roles, choose based on what is needed.  I am very much a team player and when I play medic im not afraid to jump right in to save someone.  


Ive tried to join teamspeak, but cant seem to figure that part out.  Not sure how to get moved into the correct channel.  If anyone could point me in the right direction with that.  Been wanting to jump on there.

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Welcome Diesel


If it';s just findng/connecting to the TS then do the following:


1. Open Teamspeak (TS)

2. go to the top left corner and click connect.

3. Copy and paste: ts.ahoyworld.co.uk into the address box and you nickname for the TS server. (The TS server has no password so leave it blank.)

4. Click connect, and you're done!


(If once you get into the TS channels you need some help either ask around or have a look around for anyone that has either a green flag next to thier name or naything more than 2 a double red stripes. Odds are these are admins, moderators or staff members who will be more than plased to show you around. )


If however it is a problem with TFAR and EU#3 Mods look for an EU#3 moderator in TS (A black box with a 3 in it) and they'll either be able to help you or put you onto someone more knowledgeable.


Best of luck,



(EU 3 MOD) 

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