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Being Overpowered - When do you choose to stop?


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Now, I'll just start off by saying this isn't a post about asking to remove certain items from the server, simply a discussion on how people approach the moral issue of this;

When do you stop killing the bots in favour of allowing other people on the server to get some action?

It's a rather awesome thing to roll up to an AO with the slammer, coming up on that perfect camping hill and simply, just utterly destroy your enemies. To wipe out all the vehicles and infantry in sight and see yourself rise up the score board. Or to set up that mortar team that just wipes out everything within a 4 kilometer radius ( Except those hellish Kuma's, oh god... The horror.) while feeling like a complete bad-ass, forgetting the fact you're a coward sitting with a large penis extension away from any danger at all.

When you do this it's very entertaining and it's rather simple to do either, with a little bit of luck to get the Slammer or the FSG gunner class you can do tremendous damage. So here comes the issue: Should you hog all the action and fun for yourself?

For myself, with the Slammer I only take out vehicles and that is it. I focus down on the role I have of wiping out enemy armor, then leaving the infantry for our comrades on the ground so that they have some fun taking shots at some meat dummies. With the mortar, I only act as support for people who request mortar strikes.

Though I've not seen this being done before, what do you guys feel about people doing everything by themselves with one of the overpowered items in the game and not leaving things for others to do.

Discuss below, I'd love to hear your opinions on whether you've had similar experiences or if you pull back your own bad-assery to make sure that others have fun as well.

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Now we've had this discussion plenty of times before, but the focus has always been on CAS and not with tanks. I would say that in a full server only go for things in the same class as you are or above. If of course you happen to be watching an AT Soldier taking an RPG off his back then self preservation is the priority. This is just my opinion but it has served me well.

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It's a bit of an ethical issue. Administrating it is a pain too.


From my perspective if i feel like I'm dealing too much damage then i back off a little regarding tanks, take the back foot behind the infantry. regarding CAS I'll make sure I'm only doing runs either in SEAD or orbiting an ingress point, failing that transporting the blue dots from A-B is equally satisfying.

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yeah like muckduck and raz said it's a fine line to thread, but if the gunner, pilot, at guy or mortar men just ask themselves is my gameplay impacting others in a negative manner then you are op in what you are doing. 

comms is the key if you are open with everyone as to what you're doing and involving them then you can share in the opness and that's better.


if it's too op it will (and we have done this before) be removed if we feel that any asset is having a negative impact on gameplay for the majority of players eg heavy artillery, CAS jets were all in the mission at some point but were abused by a small number of players so they had to be removed.


Like most times just keep in mind it's a 60 player server and we want everyone to have the best experience not just the individual. 

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At one point I toyed around with a feature to address this ...


Was some code applied to enemy vehicles.


If it was destroyed/disabled by CAS, another would spawn outside the AO and roll in to take its place after a minute or two.


If it was destroyed by infantry or armor, it was gone for good.



Worked well in testing, that CAS pilots got their jollies but had zero lasting impact on the AO.

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