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Basic Loadouts?

young wolf 211

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This'll sound stupid to most, but oh well

I know there's a load of threads on the site about what base guns/launchers people should carry in the EU3 server, but after a quick check, I cant seem to find anything that goes into more detail about loadouts.

I normally was just on the EU1 server, so as far as anything went for me, it was: lift a rifle, several mags, and a FAK, but since EU3 goes into more detail, I'm just wondering if there's a basic kit that I should carry at all times, e.g. number of morphine, number of mags, etc


The main reason I'm asking, is that the loadout I normally used was provided to me by someone (sorry, but i forget your username atm), and from there I just saved it. One of the last few updates has stopped me from using the kit I saved, and I haven't a clue as to what I should carry.




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