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TFAR problems

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so..the thing is, i can hear when people talk on coms, but i cannot speak nor interact (capslock and ctrl+P). now, Superted had the same problem, and sugested what fixed it for him, no dice..i've also reinstalled TS and TFAR, without any luck, what i'm gonna try next is reinstalling the mod itself, TS AND TFAR and see if that helps, unless anyone else have any sugestions on how to fix it, or have had the same problem themselves?...

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Maybe its a CBA issue. Are you running RC6 version of CBA (I know RC6 hotfix doesn`t work on the servers yet, so use RC6)? Latest TFAR version ( requires CBA RC6 to be running (olders don`t work I think).

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i have the same problem with ctrl+p not working, so i just changed it to shift+p and it works


Rebind the cntrl+p.


I haven`t fully tested yet, but maybe Control can`t be bind anymore, not 100% sure.

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