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Hello All;

So, I've been on EU#1 for quite a while now. I&A is one of the best, if not the best ARMA III game mode I am yet to have the joys of playing, however I feel that, as with everything, there is always room for improvement. I felt that in this post I would try my best to convey my biggest bug bear in the current build of I&A played on EU#1, because I feel that if this one issue is tackled, then the whole experience will be made infinitely better.

Okay, so my I&A pet hate is...... Enemy CAS jets!

Now, I see why these are in the game. They provide another element of danger on the battlefield which infantry and helicopters must take into consideration when tackling the objective, encouraging caution and taking fewer risks, like in a realist militarised scenario. The thing is, if the jets worked in the way which I think they are meant to, then I wouldn't have any problems with them at all. But they don't.

The thing that really grinds my gears about the way that the enemy jets work is actually a few things. First off, the fact that they chase choppers all the way back to the base. This isn't too bad, but what is is that when they eventually find the base, they must see some kind of BLUFOR pantomime and circle around, bombing and shooting every vehicle they lay eyes on until somebody has half the brain to use the base AA laptop. This problem wouldn't exist if everyone knew how to correctly use the AA laptop, and if there was always someone on standby to use it, but the fact of the matter is that there simply isn't. Sometimes people do use the base AA but it's either way too early or late, meaning that we (pilots, I usually play pilot) have to tolerate being continuously shot at for a ridiculous amount of time until another guy can have a shot at activating the AA after it comes off of cooldown. And even then, they could mis-time it and we have to wait even longer.

So that's one thing. The other thing is the fact that they seem to have unlimited missiles. Again, I can see why this is done. It's not like they can just re-arm, they need to be a constant threat right up until the moment that they are taken down. But, that said, there has to be some kind of compromise here. One of the reasons I felt like I needed to make this post was because the other day, I was returning to base in a ghost hawk and the Neophron found me, and tailed me back to base. In the 5km flight, it was able to, in quick succession, launch 6 AASRAM missiles. And I can only dodge so many with evasive flying. Perhaps, some kind of system or script dictating that the CAS jet can only fire x number of times a minute, or maybe just replace the CAS jet with an Orca or something. I actually feel that replacing it with an Orca would be much better, because never have I seen the buzzard actually target infantry over vehicles and choppers. And I have also never seen a hostile jet taken down by any means other than by the base AA, simply because I think that either the average Joe of I&A 1) doesn't think to take an AA launcher with him to the AO. 2) Doesn't bother firing at the jet because it can fly so quickly that it can flare off any kind of handheld rocket with ease.

So, I really hope that, even if this isn't taken into consideration that someone just hears my cry, because honestly, it's bloody annoying!

Oh well, thanks for listening *breathe Matt* rant over.

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I agree witg the unlimited missiles part, but the rest I am not too bothered by. Depends who's doing AA.

Side-suggestion; Now that the friendly 2nd jet spawn gets disabled 7/8 times I was wondering if we can't remove it entirely for a Pawnee or Armes Orca/Hellcat. Remove Pawnee from side mission rewards. And use the % chance of getting a Pawnee for a chance of switching the one chopper that spawns there for a Blackfoot or something.

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Mattadee, finding the right balance between difficult and op is unbelievably difficult and it's only with constructive posts like this we can refine it. It's an organic development that takes a fine hand to hit it. Being completely at a loss when it comes to mission building i have no idea what the possibility is of having the jet anchored to the AO.

Remember that the friendly jet's role is AA so their priority should be taking out the enemy air assets. We have 5 pilots slots and five helis and the aa bird (the cas jet should not be in there and will be removed at some point) the idea being if enemy air is up one of the heli pilots hops into the aa jet takes care of it then rtb to resume transport.

Many of the issues you raise are the result of the enemy air having an easy time with little or no opposition so goes hunting easy targets.


Smiley the CAS bird should not be in there and will be removed it had to be removed from an earlier mission as it was being abused and the same with the pawnee we used to have it but it caused more trouble than it was worth. 

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