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REPO has migrated to new server (mods & Addons, a3sync)


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The REPO has been migrated to a brand-new (and way more powerful) server.


There is no action or configuration required from your end, and the service should be resumed even without any downtime. :) You wont notice a thing (i hope).


If however you experience any connection problems you can force you computer to connect to the new server:

start --> CMD --> ipconfig /flushdns   (with pictures)



Old server: http://aardvark.kamaradski.com

New server: http://rockhopper.kamaradski.com




Technical talk:


I have just switched the DNS 'A record' to the new IP, while keeping the old server online until the DNS is properly replicated in the DNS hierarchy. This should insure smooth migration without interruption. 



Write me a PM on the site, or talk to some admin on teamspeak in case you experience any problems in regards to this migration.

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