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Planet Side 2 - Roles?


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Wow last night was... well a lot of time was spent looking at a progress bar. But once I was into the game it was great and fun bit laggy but that's to be expected.

I was wondering if anyone wanted to be a leader. Someone with good communication because as you noticed many people were walking straight into enemy fire when we could have easily tried to Flank around.

I like being a medic it kinda feels like a good fit for me, that or engineer.

I think at least 2 of us should be Light Assault the Jet pack they have is an exceptionally effective piece of kit.

I think if we have 1 of us go heavy assault and 1 person on Infiltrator.

I mean I think we can be a really effective squad if we stick together and think and communicate. :)

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razgriz33 I think you'd be an excellent Squad leader with your Sunderer* Engineers are Exceptionally useful Especially if your going to fly or drive vehicles. I really am enjoying flying especially as the TR. My Liberator is getting so Sexy! So I think I am a Medic/ Engineer who uses the engineer when in vehicles and a medic when I am on the ground.
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