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Win up to £50 in the AhoyWorld Quintathlon!


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AhoyWorld Quintathlon! [Competition #1]


On the 1st of February 2014 AhoyWorld will be hosting our very own home grown gaming competition! The event in question will be on ArmA 3 and despite the game genre, will not involve any gun control. Instead, this competition will be a frenzied race over the distance of a mile, the race will include several obstacles to maneuver around and will involve running, driving, swimming, boating & then a little bit more driving. All core staff & admins are permitted to enter this event (well, bar me) as they have had no access to this mission except very early script testing which does not involve the course. There is only space for 20 people though, so make sure to book in before it's too late!

Date: 01d/02m/14 (It's a Saturday)
Time: 1900 (Book in) GMT (Race start @ 1930)
Entry fee: £1 (aprx. €1.21 / $1.65)
Payout: £30 + £1 per entry! (Max winnings £50).
We do not use any mods or dev build & will be hosted on our EU based server!

Please read the entirety of the below information before booking your place, booking your place automatically assumes that you have read & agreed to the below terms & conditions.

Please note, there is a limit of 20 participants for this event.
If you win the event (which is decided by a script, not by human eye) then you will need to send your email address to [email protected] (it's my AW email) and I shall organise the winnings to be transferred to your account. Any persons wishing to enter this event must do so at least 1 hour before book in time. Also please note that your entry fee is non returnable/refundable for any reason. To clarify:
If you lose connection or your game crashes during the event, you will not be refunded your entry fee.
If, after booking your place, you choose to withdraw your booking you will not be refunded your entry fee.
If you do not attend the event, you will not be refunded your entry fee.
A final note, if you book in after the official booking in time then you may miss your available practice sessions, we will not wait for you.

To book your place and submit your entry fee, please click here:



After booking your place, please send me a private message via this forum containing your forename & surname or email address and your unique transaction identification number or receipt number so I can verify it! Thank you!


(The signal to start is the helicopter exploding).


:)  This event is being held as a trial for future events, so if you want to see more like this, consider signing up!   :)

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started training already!


just a few questions:

will there be a vas box?

will the course be as it is in the video?

how will jump starters be dealt with?

what's the weather forecast for the day?

what should i do with the £20? 


Of course. No VAS box I'm afraid Zissou. The course will be almost identical as in the video provided, the only change that might me made is reducing the amount of obstacles on the street in the final stretch.


Jump starts won't be tolerated, I'll be personally overseeing the start with a spectator script. If a player jump starts they get one more chance until they become disqualified.


The weather forecast is cloudy with no chance of meatballs. IIRC lots of players have issues with rain turning out like black blocks and it's simply unfair to give them such a disadvantage.


You can do anything with the £20 Zissou, I've actually just raised it to £30 + £1 per entry for a potential of £50. Take a taxi to the trafford centre? Go to Starbucks? You might even decide to donate it to AhoyWorld (although that would make this competition a little bit pointless). Personally, I would recommend woodcutter simulator, you could buy 4 of those and still some still left over!

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