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Ban Appeal - Lafferty [CLOSED]


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I was pretty much banned for a mistake on my part by having cheat engine running in the background a few weeks ago. Reason i had cheat engine in the background was simple, i do machinimas etc and use the speed hack to slow down time further than default speeds on games such as rome total war 2, arma 3 etc (i know i can use in built speed options). http://www.youtube.com/user/colindaniellafferty

The problem i have is i recieved the admin #38 ban hack and contacted battleeye directly. They then contacted me a week or ago (with an apology) later with a response that it is infact not a global ban hack and one which was issued by an admin. 

Was this due to having cheat engine running in the background or not ?. Can this be lifted i am one of the most respectable gamers you can come across and was on EU ahoy world invade & annex server almost daily up until this point. HEck i even applied and i believe i was accepted as a AW Ranger with all the conversations in my history (inbox on this forum). I played on the ahoy server almost daily if not every second day and was always on TS either helping other gamers or leading a squad. I dont know if anyone would recognize my player id but i either played on ahoy world or 7th cav (i joined there as a trooper).

Ingame profile is Lafferty

My GUI is > 76561198060577693
Steam Id is colinlafferty


Email sent and received from battle eye....



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We've had this problem with a fair few of our users, but it seems like we can do nothing about it. Even though Battleye says to refer to the server admins, as soon as we attempt to remove the ban in comes straight back. I would attempt to take it up with BIS/Battleye itself. We do not actually ban people remotely for having gamehack on, it's an automated thing via battleye.

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Like Cain said we do not ban people for having Gamehack, without BE doing the automatic ban I think I'm right in saying we wouldn't even know about it, at least, I wouldn't. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do from our end :/


P.S. Yes I do recognise your name.

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Ah ok guys well theres nothing i can do i contacted battle eye heres the conversation. I fully understand that this was my own doing but none the less i can see them taking nothing to do with rectifying the problem. If they claim it is not a ban on their end then clearly the person who i was speaking to does not know there own protection services or is giving false feedback. 

You would assume this issue would be more transparent and fully understood by all parties involved but alais its not the cas. In any case i have contacted them again and if the issue cant be resolved then im hanging up my arma boots.





Colin Daniel Lafferty <[email protected]>


I was global banned for no apparent reason however i did have cheat engine open (speedhack cinematic) which i forgot to turn off when going on multiplayer. I researched and having cheat engine on can apparently result in a ban. 

I play arma 3 alot and cant not understand why i am banned if this is not the case. Can you pleaese verify you recieved this email and fix this issue. If this issue is not resolved i have no option but to never purchase a game with battle eye as the main security (firewall). 

Message recieved GameHack: #38




Bastian Suter <[email protected]>

I'm sorry for the long delay.

This is a third-party ban, so I can't really help you there. Please contact the server admin regarding this.

Bastian Suter
BattlEye Innovations




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Ok guys i contacted battleye again and basically its the third party programme called BEC which you can essempt users GUI if they are genuine. Heres the source http://www.reddit.com/r/dayz/comments/16ue60/antihack_server_owners_are_you_using_becs/. I have no idea if BEC is implemented but again the automatic admin ban leads it to me assuming this is the case.



Further, if you truly believe someone innocent was caught with a GameHack/BattlEye Hack violation, on a per-reporter account basis you can exempt their GUID for your sever(s).

In short, there's absolutely no downsides to using BEC's reporter feature. You get automated bans from a centralized ban list and full control over exempting them if you see fit from your own server(s). It just involves you taking a few minutes to create a Reporter account and configure your server's BEC with your chosen username/password.

The more people that use this, the more GameHack/BattlEye Hack violations are caught, submit, and treated as a community enforced "Global Ban".

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