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Left For Dead 2/Killing Floor


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So I was scrolling through my steam library one bored night, and decided to find/play a few co-op games (because let's face it, co-op games are really fun).


And so I came across L4D2, (which is currently 75% off and is $5 in the store I believe) and a flood of memories came back.


Here's a stream of me and sheep completing the first of 13 campaigns (excluding the many many more on the workshop)




The great thing about L4D2, is the fact that the steam workshop has tooooooonnes of mods for it (as you may notice with how my characters are velociraptors and many of the guns/weapons are skinned or even completely different from the base weapon).


And also it's great fun, because who doesn't like a really fast-paced zombie shooter thingamajig.


I would suggest any who have this install it and we could play it a few times, and to those that dont, it on sale!


On the topic of zombie games, I would also suggest Killing Floor, another great great zombie game. A way different style, much harder (in a way) and it's just a wave-based game (until you meet the big daddy), and there's a monetary system for you to buy weapons, you can level up 'perks' which will increase certain stats, and it's a really great game in general. I'd highly recommend people look into it. It's $6.79 on steam, and I would also recommend grabbing a few of the character packs or weapon pack DLCs because they're great fun.

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