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AAF & CTRG Uniforms

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Out of curiosity with the new campaign update dropping on Halloween, which will included the British CTRG [Combat Technology Research Group] uniform, will they be included within the Virtual Ammo Box to be worn and seen by others as they are a part of the NATO forces stationed with the U.S MTP and AAF, within the AW Invade & Annex servers? 


The reason I ask, is at this current time I have noticed when other people chose to wear the AAF uniform, it only registers as underwear. I'm not sure if this has already been addressed, but after some time it does tend to lose it's humorous factor when seeing half-naked men wearing full body-vests.


Thank you. 


P.S: I know this is more of a question than a topic, but otherwise, how does everyone else feel of certain missing uniforms in game, if they have any at all?


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Thank you for the clarification there David. :]

Much appreciated, I've seen the CTRG [british] uniforms show up fine right from release, but the AAF uniforms still show up as undies. But like you said before, they come from their own faction, where as I think CTRG uniforms fall under the same as BLUFOR/NATO with the U.S MTP, so that makes sense.


Thank you for the response! 

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While I cant say for certain, it is logical to assume that installing these uniform modifications on to the servers would require all players to also have them downloaded and installed, and those who do not would see nothing but underwear, if they could connect at all. As a general principle, any mods that require a user to have specific content is considered a no-go.

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