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[Suggestion] Diving side missions and AO

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I have experimented and found you can place large rocks and other objects creating a sunken or new underwater environment. To mix things up once in a while we could have side missions involving diving after a target or clearing a wreck of enemy divers. Enemy boats would be on the surface with divers in the sunken areas or underwater caves. A few enemies like snipers could be watching on shore and possibly helicopter flying around the surface patrolling.

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In stratis bad idea because island is to small and does not have any interesting underwater locations.


But in altis it could be a good idea because I saw a sub screenshot and that could be a cool underwater mission/s and it could has a lot more interesting secret locations. :)

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Stratis also has secret locations on the sea side.


ProGamer's idea is interesting, it could add variety and make use of A3 assets.

Basically for now, we have the same side-missions as in A2 version of Domination.


You will always find pubbers ruining side-mission, whichever type it is.

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