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PMC Ops Stabilise


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The next instalment of the CHADS franchise is starting next Friday, 4th November.


In the small African nation of Anizay the Military has joined forces with a local insurgency to overthrow the democratic government.

In a small stroke of luck the police force has stayed loyal to the government and the people and thanks to the insurgency they are heavily militarised.


Government forces have managed to hold control over what is being called the "Green Zone" which is the area in the North East.

The UN and the African Nations are bogged down in bureaucracy and military aid is slow to be provided.


Through back channels our partners have agreed to fund our activities in the region.

The CHADS are being tasked with disrupting and dismantling the COUP forces in an effort to stabilise the lines and provide the government enough aid to hold out until a multinational force can arrive to help.



Arma 3 Preset CHADS Stabilise.html 



A Police Squad preparing for a patrol


ArmA 3 Screenshot 2022.10.28 -


A Police QRF force leaving FOB Obeh

ArmA 3 Screenshot 2022.10.28 -

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