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Vietnam #1 - SUNDAY 06/03/2022 @ 19:00 UTC


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Goodmorning Vietnam






A detachment from the newly formed MACV-SOG task force has been deployed to the Khe Sanh region. After seeing heavy backlash in the region, central command has ordered for a more specialized unit to create pathways for the army and air force to break through. Thus far PAVN has created multiple AA sites essentially blocking our helos from the air space. Though central command has bigger plans for us, we can't operate further in land if our air assets can't get there.


Friendly Forces

MACV-SOG, Special Task Force, Combined

- x1 Three-man Command Unit

- x3 Six-man Strike Teams

- x2 Two-man Aviation crews

US Army, Conventional, Combined

AVRN, Conventional, Combined


Enemy Forces

PAVN, Conventional, Combined

VC, Guerillas



We're gonna insert outside of the AA batteries line of sight, hike to the objectives and neutralize the AA sites.


Additional Information

Overall command falls on "Overseer". Operational command falls on "Washington". 

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