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MSOG - Broken Arrow Situation report & Mission Statement

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Situation Report & Mission Statement: MSOG - Broken Arrow

09:49 UTC // 3rd of December 2018 // Classified, only intended for MSOG operatives


On Thanksgiving, November 22nd 2018, 3 Nuclear warheads were misplaced. These warheads were meant to be transported along with a number of others to a decommissioning site in Nevada but were left behind at the temporary storage site outside the airport with no security for 72 hours. The misplaced warheads were then discovered by a Maintenance worker. While the warheads themselves were still present the cores that housed the Nuclear load were gone.

Security footage shows that several hours after the missiles were left behind several men broke into the warehouse and stole the cores. Security footage and eye witness reports of other facilities before this incident shows the exact same men observing activities around them. It seems they were waiting for us to make a mistake to get these cores.

Since we found the missiles we managed to Identify four out of the six men as former contractors associated with Titan Security Industries. They’ve been spotted crossing the border of Mexico and taking off in an airplane across the Atlantic where their tracks end.

Inquiries with TSI suggest the men have no relations with the company any more but payments through shell companies from TSI to these men suggest otherwise. TSI is currently contracted in the Central African region of Kujari. There they are working for an extremist rebel group, providing arms and training to the insurgents. We suspect they will attempt to sell the cores to this group.

Rhinocéros Rouges & Kujari

457694881_FrancoisSentayhu(Oldman).thumb.jpg.782a8e3839974acb9099b37dc63b4633.jpgRhinocéros Rouges began as one of the rebel groups operating in the central African republic civil war. Previously they were in line with other rebel groups in the region, but since Francois Sentayhu took over leadership the group has gotten more extremist. Their most recent manifesto calls for the total destruction of the enemy and anyone that dares fraternize with them. They have hired TSI to provide them with arms and training.


Rhinocéros Rouges have ramped up terrorist actions in provinces outside of Kujari. While not deploying suicide attacks they have left a number of explosive packages at busy or important locations and have performed a number of raids on civilian and military targets. At this time it does not seem they will stop with these acts. Instead it appears they are ramping up in intensity. Arms dealers attempting to smuggle chemical bombs to the rebel group have up to this point failed thanks to diligent work of security agencies.


Investiagtions from a number of agencies suggest that the extremist leanings of the group can be contributed for the most part to Francois Sentayhu himself. Analysts suggest removing Sentayhu from leadership of the group will drastically lower their extremist leanings.


While rebels are not exerting direct control over the Kujari region they can move about with virtual impunity as government forces do not dare enter the region. Instead leadership and control of the region is maintained by a council of elders. Militarily this council has no power beyond the few armed volunteers a village can muster. This means they have no way of standing up to the rebels.


We managed to make contact with some of the elder council. They are willing to aid us in exchange for protection and training. The General Council is divided in its support of the rebellion but are unanimous in the opinion that Rhinocéros Rouge's influence is a general detriment to their daily lives and would rather see the rebel group leave Kujari. The general population supports this point of view.



Titan Security Industries & Markus Avery

1987013571_MarkusAvery(Miller).thumb.jpg.2eaf56f563af25ba6b9cd657d2925caa.jpgMarkus Jeremy Avery is a former Green Beret Warrant Officer that served with US Special Forces in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Together with his fellow Team members he was dishonourably discharged in 2004 after multiple reports of bad conduct, disregarding orders and cruel practices.


Avery returned to civilian life for a year doing private security work within North America along with his Army buddies before joining up with a South African PMC. After Three years of work around the southern part of the African continent they separated and started their own PMC, Titan Security Industries. Avery may not be current CEO of the outfit, but he is in charge of most operations.


Avery is currently wanted by the United States for acts of violence during his time in service and civilian private security work. These acts only came to light several years after the fact by which point Avery was no longer within reach of US law enforcement. if Avery is directly involved with the theft of the three cores we must make an attempt to apprehend him and extradite him to the US.


TSI has spent the past 10 years operating across the world. they have been involved in VIP security, Militia Training, arms dealership, assassinations & Coups. Contractors are often discharged special forces with no skills applicable in civilian life. Most are accused of some crime in their home country prior to their work at TSI or due to their work with the company. TSI’s convoluted company structure means that while most of its contractors are performing illegal activities the company itself is operating within the legal limits.


Villagers in Kujari have confirmed to our forward units that TSI is active in the region. While we have been unable to pinpoint their specific holdouts we have found nuclear traces in abandoned camps. Furthermore, we have reliable intel on a planned meeting between TSI and Rhinocéros rouges to offer several high value weapons.



MSOG-official-256.png.0d86bea63786c3a435e3d83cf7b2fd54.pngSince the consequences of nuclear weapons in the wrong hands is a matter of global concern NATO leadership, at the request of the US, has decided to instate a special task force to pool resources and retrieve the missing cores. This Multinational Special Operations Group(MSOG) is meant to promote inter agency cooperation by gathering special forces soldiers from across NATO member nations as well as several carefully vetted external specialists.


This team will be covertly sent to the Kujari region and deploy out of an abandoned airfield just north of the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo. As this area is frequently patrolled by DRC soldiers it is unlikely Rhinocéros Rouge will be encountered here.

At their direct disposal will be a collection of light ground vehicles, A UAV, Several Blackhawks and little birds and an Antonov An-2 for covert activity and resupply. Other air support is available on a per mission basis.



Mission objective

This whole operation hinges on a single objective. To find and retrieve the Nuclear cores before they are detonated in urban centres outside of Kujari.

On the 19th of Januari 2019 TSI is planning on a meet with Rhinocéros rouge somewhere along the river. Our intent is to ambush this meet, capture Markus Avery, capture or kill Francois Sentayhu, and retrieve the three stolen cores.

Lookouts along the river will inform us when TSI or rhinoceros Rouge members are spotted, and track them to the meeting point, at which point we will mobilise.


SITREP Mission Progress Notes

  •  TSI is no longer in possession of 3 nuclear missile cores. their convoy has been ambushed by a Russian Spetsnaz team.
    • Encrypted data is currently being analysed for possible clues.
  • Rhinocéros Rouge believes TSI are still in possession of the cores and have absconded with their money. TSI thinks Rhinocéros Rouge stole the cores. the two parties are in open conflict.
  • Markus Avery, Leader of TSI has been taken into custody and is being extradited to the US.
  • The local population is questionable about our cause. With the destruction of a civilian radio tower you destroyed important infrastructure for the locals. It is important we maintain a good relationship with the civilians. chances are civilians are less likely to offer us help.
  • Francois Sentayhu escaped the assault. and is still at large.


Any Further questions in regards to the current situations may directed at the officer currently investigating the situation by responding in the thread below.


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Now that their phone coverage is crap they will form an angry mob and destroy the exfil route. Taking over the airfield...... perhaps. 🤔

Good mission and I enjoyed this one from a players perspective, the sandstorm added a nice dynamic to deal with too.

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