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Stargate ARMA Gamenight 01/06/2021 @18:00UTC SG-Ahoy


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Mission Name:

Descent into Madness



Server Details:

Port: 2302


Mod Preset:



Changes from Last week, Dunes has been replaced with Pandora.

 Normal optional mods are whitelisted.


Teamspeak: TS. Ahoyworld.net

Mission brief 18:00 UTC.  Additional items in brief will be new equipment available.


Expected Mission Length: 120+ minutes (including brief), (may go over or under expected mission length).


Player Slots:

18 + 3 Zeus



Following last weeks mission members of SG teams 21, 22 and 23 have exhibited symptoms such as sore throats, memory blackouts, waking up in strange places, and general disorientation, these symptoms then spread amongst base staff.  Following the all clear from medical, normal gate operations resumed.


Two days ago whilst on patrol both Lieutenant Jenkins and Dr Xwatt broke away from SG 23 and gated offworld.  This was determined to be the Goa’uld queen Anat who infected members of SG 22 during their sweep of the final temple and subsequently jumped from person to person to avoid detection.  Tok’ra intelligence believes that they are headed to P3X 5454.


A heavy Goa’uld presence is to be expected as this is not only a core industrial world, it also acts as a weapons development and testing facility.



SG teams 21, 22, and 23 will gate in and move to the ring terminal South West of the Gate.  From there they will conduct raids on the weapons lab and spawning grounds.


The weapons labs and any supplies are to be demoed via charges.


Symbiote poison will be pumped into the spawning pools via the environmental console nearby.


Additional objectives of destroying the naquadah mine and rescuing the missing personnel will also be available.


Do not push random buttons out of curiosity in the weapons lab.



SG teams will secure the gate and ring platform.  They will then use the ring platforms to conduct raids against the mission objectives.


The naquadah mine is not connected to the rings so another route will have to be found if that objective is to be completed.


An unrelated note, teltaks and death gliders fly like helicopters…



The MALPs operate as a mobile respawn and a limited arsenal for ammunition only, they are driveable and can carry four passengers.  It is strongly suggested that at least one person has a UAV controller as a redundancy.


Up to two additional MALPs may be taken through the gate with you.


Command and Control:

Operational command will be with one of the Team Leaders.


Bonus Objectives from Last Week:

Search the Temple:  Succeeded.

Research teams have analysed the information brought back from the temple and have determined Anat’s location and intent.   Reward: All ring teleport locations are named and all locations are marked on map.


Find any trace of Anat:  Succeeded.

Having searched the temple and established P3X 545 as the destination for the missing personnel the Tok’ra have ensured a shipment of alien weapons has been delayed and several vehicles have been left unlocked.



Side notes:

For ease of zeusing, I’m asking teams to stay together and not hit all objectives at once.  If I am concentrating on three areas of the map at once the higher the likelihood it will impact the quality of each teams’ enjoyment.

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