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Building IDAP humanitarian missions in ARMA3


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I'm currently in the planning stages for this one. The Google doc can be found via this link.


Short version, I'd like to build something in the Eden mission editor for co-operative humanitarian missions, both with and without armed escort.


Feedback and suggestions would be most welcome. Also, as I'm very, very, very new to ARMA3 and the editor I would appreciate any links to idiot-proof guides to the editor and links on allowing players to be non-combatants.

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Hi!  I'd say the first thing you're going to want to do is go to youtube and learn about how the Eden editor works in Arma.  Make a very simple first mission involving tasks, like a typical "steal the car" mission (bring a car to a certain end point, mission success).  This will set you up for more complicated task management.


For non-combatants, just make your players part of the civilian faction; civilians won't be shot at by any faction, unless you become a threat.

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