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Hi Ahoy


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Hey, I've been playing on Ahoy now for about 2 weeks, Loving the server. Its actually the first multiplayer I've played.

Joined the forum and am installing ts to see if I can find a slightly more structured game-play than the chaos on EU1.

I'm having a load of fun playing medic atm, but really hate watching the other medics play as front-line soldiers while ignoring downed players.

I have tried my hand at helicopters, but man do I suck at it. I'm using a thrustmaster 1.6000 hotas and I'm really bad with it.

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Hey Bryan, 


Glad you are enjoying the server.


We always need a few good medics, keep it up.

Flying in Arma takes a bit of practice for sure. When I was learning I used a scenario on the workshop to make it more interesting, give it a go.


If you want something more organised and don't mind installing a few mods check out the events section of the forum. We have missions running Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the moment.


See you out there. 

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