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After Action Reports


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17th of April 2020 (21/12/2019)
06:00 EET (18:00 UTC)


On the morning of the 17th of April 2020, a small group of NATO forces commanded by Lt. Christiansen were sent out to perform recon and harassment of enemy forces in the town of Oetzendorf codenamed 'Objective Oscar'. These troops were under leadership by LCpl. Shaw whom assumed operational command in the absence of Cpl. Johnson who was still recovering from wounds sustained the day before. Lt. Christiansen was leading a small team on a recon mission in [REDACTED] and was unable to accompany troops on this mission.


These troops under the callsign 'Alpha' utilised a recovered UTV and moved out towards the town of Klein Hesebeck where they dismounted and searched the town. An abandoned Russian Army GAZ matching the description of the one encountered on the 15th of April 2020, was found on the Southern edge of the town. Alpha reorganised on the Eastern perimeter of town and brought their UTV to a forest in grid (093.797) where they left the vehicle and moved South East on foot to establish an OP looking into Objective Oscar.


A scout element consisting of 2 men was sent ahead at 07:00 to a compound in grid (104,782) to establish a more reliable observation post and told to dig their heels. Additional troops soon regrouped with LCpl. Shaw in grid (100,791) and established a blocking force in case of a Russian counterattack.


By 07:30, the lead scout element was engaged by hostile forces on the Northern outskirts of Oetzendorf and immediately returned fire. Approximately 1x hostile squad was neutralised before one member of the Scout Element was injured, forcing the team to fall back to the blocking force.


At 07:50, Alpha was attacked by a significant force approaching from the North and North West forcing troops to dig in and return fire. The position quickly became untenable and Alpha was forced to fall back a further 400m through intense gunfire to establish a new phase line and return fire. During the retreat, Sgt. Adrus Kross of the Estonian Armed Forces was shot and Killed In Action, friendly forces were unable to secure his person. 


By 08:20, Alpha was in a significant engagement with hostile forces encroaching from their North East and North West by foot and 1x Mi-8 Hip, attempting to surround their position. During this engagement, Pvt. Malcolm Finch of the British Army was hit and Killed In Action. Alpha, on dwindling supplies and serious injuries, was forced to fall back further into the forest to where they had hidden their UTV.


At 08:40, friendly forces were ambushed by a small Russian element in the forest to the North. LCpl. Shaw was hit and wounded and Cpl. Kristiansen was hit and severely wounded. The heroic action of Pvt. Shield, who despite having no ammunition and being point blank with the enemy, managed to save the life of LCpl. Shaw and assist in dispatching the enemy forces.


By 08:50, hostile forces retreated and Alpha was able to organise themselves. Due to the significant hail of bullets, their UTV was immobilised and was forced to be abandoned in the woods close to where it was originally parked. Cpl. Kristiansen was stabilised and put onto a stretcher to be taken back to the friendly encampment. Alpha continued to fall back West towards Klein Hesebeck, where they regrouped with a scouting element sent out by Lt. Christiansen and continued back to their encampment.


Due to the brave actions of these men, a significant number of enemy forces was destroyed and valuable intel was gathered on the presence and response of the enemy in that sector.

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