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Suggestions for changes to current map

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I have a few suggestion's to put forward from members of our community and general requests from players.


1. The spawn area needs better protection from people driving vehicles into the spawn and running people over. (I have already done some work on this, but more is still needed to ensure they cant get into the spawn area).


2. Addition of a refuel and repair zone for the boats.


3. Addition of some sort of illumination for the base. We run the game in constant mode, so it often entails night fighting, and lack of illumination at base can cause a few problems.


4. Move helis a little further out from the protective bunkers. As sometimes during take off a heli can fly back a little and catch their tail rotor on the building. (Again I have don't this a little on the original spawn, game start, but may revert to original position once they respawn. Also turning 90* may be an idea.


5. Removing one or two of the larger heli's in favour of the little-birds. Though this would reduce the number of side mission rewards by having this as a normal vehicle. A few pilots have complained that the others are too big to land troops in tight spots.


6. Add a rearm point for heli's and vehicles. Though I'm personally against this myself as the armed vehicles are rewards, their limited ammo count should also reflect that fact. They are to be used with caution. However I said I would put the request forward.


Some of this I have already tweaked out for my own server. If any of the devs would like a copy of my the altered version I run, to check out if the changes should be included in the next release please feel free to contact me and I will e-mail you a copy of the pbo.


Otherwise, great map. Well thought out, and very popular. Server has rarely been empty since I put your map on 24-7.


Also thanks to the AW members I spoke with on teamspeak who advised me to post these suggestion here.



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Hi Chris, Welcome to the forums and spending your first post to share with us some awesome suggestions is see :)


First of all, i'm not actively involved in the development of I&A, i will however try to comment on your suggestions.


1 - Though we don't have much problems with this in our server, i do have to admit it is a bit admin heavy at times. I am however not aware of our plans on this. Maybe Rarek can comment on this topic..


2 - Very good one, especially the refuel area, I am however not sure how useful this is until we have a bigger map available


3 - Very true, and i remember that the dev-team looked into this before. What i understood however is that Arma currently does not allow you to place additional streetlamps etc in base.. ?


4 - This was not done on purpose, however makes for a great noob-filter :P


5 - The way forward is that we will have little birds as default spawn, and the big ones only as side-mission rewards. i think It is a lot more fun this way ! We already had to organize a few very cool rescue missions where the pilot was shot out, needed medical attention, and the LB had to be fixed... Adding more depth to the game imo.


6 - This point came up a lot of times already, and i guess you can easily add it to the mission yourself, but i think i understood right that this will not be added in the vanilla I&A until we have bigger maps due to balancing issues.


Hope i managed to answer and clarify some of the above. However we do appriciate all and any suggestions that come to mind, and please continue to post them, as these are very helpful and they keep I&A the fun it currently is ! So thanks !!


Please keep also the discussion on above point open :)

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Hey Chris, welcome!


In addition to kamaradski's response, and with the added benefit that I am somewhat involved in development, allow me to respond to some things:


1. While I do agree that security of the landing pads and base-area is important, you should take into account that when making a map we need to balance authenticity with player protection. With an active administration team the official AhoyWorld server has avoided the brunt of the players who tend to ram into helicopters. To quote myself when I design anything like maps for games - we shouldn't have to design around people who will try to cause trouble, only provide the means for those who wish to prevent it to do so.


2. In my working version I have a working copy of a ship repair. Hopefully it'll get incorporated into a release soon.



3. Unfortunately the current Arma Alpha doesn't allow us to place streetlamps, however we may be able to look into additional methods of lighting. I will spend a little bit of time researching this over the next few days because I agree, the lighting on base is quite pitiful at night, which is a shame because it can be so pretty.


4. This wasn't done on purpose, and as Kam stated, it does make a great newbie filter. It's easy to change if you open the map up in the in-game editor though.


5. In our current dev versions we're now using little birds instead of KA-60's and they've been working great. 


6. It's more of a balancing issue than anything else - the ability to rearm CAS little-birds and hunter GMGs will just mean people will hog the vehicles and spam the heck out of the AO, essentially ruining the enjoyment for other players.



Hope I helped. <3


- noms

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