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[Suggestion] Helicopter passenger list....

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I've played on a couple of other servers where as pilot you can see bottom right of screen a box that shows who is on board and what class they are.... that way you can see quickly when full rather than waiting for an audio or text nudge from one of the passengers....


I'll try to find a server that was using it as an example....

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I think the server was the one running the combat patrol co-op mission.... tried connecting to it earlier with no-one there but as its a lame reward based mission its all completely on foot until you take out a couple of enemy areas...... I'll check that one again later when its populated....

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Found a server with it... top one in this list....



The passenger list of any vehicle appears top left just below the regular vehicle info as demonstrated in the next picture (was only me in the helo so a grand list of one..)


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