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Thank you and more or less a goodbye


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Lemme start this off by a huge thank you, not only to the owners/ many close friends i have but to the community as a whole. I joined this community around august 2015 and I dont know where I would be without having been apart of this community. This community was more then a community to me, it was a place I could call my family where I was almost always welcome when I join the teamspeak, I miss bragging to my friends about the great community I was in and I still do that to this day. I remember the first day I joined this server, funny enough Lamasioux invited me.. if you know you know.. I instantly fell in love with the community and played for about 6 hours on the first day. The next day I joined in our my very first gamenight on fallujah, and i honestly dont think I will ever forget that moment. After the gamenight I realized this server was special and I wanted to be apart of it; A few weeks later I recived Field Ambassador I was ecstatic. A few months later Razgriz pulled me into a channel and asked if I would like to become a EU3 moderator, Words could not describe that feeling that all my hard work and dedication was noticed thanks raz BTW. I was a Eu3 mod for about 7 or 8 months before I burned myself out of arma, I put 700 hours in about 10 months which in my opinion is insane. I can also remember getting home from school and literally running to my computer to play with everyone 


I've made a couple return post and unfortunately I've tried a couple times to come back to the place I used to call home and I just cant commit.. And it makes me mad because I really do wana join back but I dont think I can.. :(


Honestly this makes me love the Ahoyworld community even more. Many of those of us who have been apart of this community, and those who have moved on, can all admit- this place we call home played a big part in our gaming lives, if not our lives in general. We met some good friends, shared some epic moments, and had fun doing it. Cheers to the good old times, and to the ones ahead.. Again I cant imagine I would be without this community today, sometimes I wish the old days were back and I was still apart of this community.

I may pop into the teamspeak every now and then but I think my name popping up is more irrelevent then ever. I dont have the friendships/prescense in this community as I used to. If you ever want to talk lemme know via steam (https://steamcommunity.com/id/iamdespite2k/) Maybe i will even pop in sometime and play ArmA. Again Thanks to the memories and oppurtunites this server has presented me with, I cant stress how much im thankful for finding this place.


Despite signing out.


Ps: I shed a tear or two writing this.



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