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IL-2: Great Battles


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I would throw this in the PC Gaming area but considering that's hidden at the bottom of the forums and fairly rarely looked at, I see it more fitting to put here.


My question to the community is; does anybody play IL-2: Great Battles?


Unsure of the game? This is simply the IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad, Battle of Moscow or Battle of Kuban series of games. Any of these will do and each pack has a variation of aircraft to choose from.


I've always wanted to fly some sorties with wingmen, be it fighter cover or playing the objective in Attackers or Bomber aircraft. It's always a blast with friends. Note also, that one does not need to fly, you can take control of various gunner positions in the aircraft to help defend it if you've always wanted to live out your Eastern Front Tail Gunner fantasies with a 2 week life expectancy.


Go ahead and reply if there is anybody interested, anybody that is fairly new to the game can receive a tutorial from yours truly, I'm familiar with the vast majority of aircraft.


- Mini

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