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Need For Speed: World (F2P)


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So I was browsing origin a few days ago and stumbled upon Need For Speed: World, it's a free to play street racing MMO and despite its flaws such as problems with the odd hacker, I'm finding it to be very entertaining!


The game is essentially any NFS underground style title you've ever played except all the cars you see driving around are players too, you can free roam the streets and participate in daily challenges such as a treasure hunt, where upon completion you receive substantial rewards, such as new performance parts, alloy wheels and all sorts of stuff.


Like any F2P game real money will get you everywhere in no time at all, and if you can't be bothered grinding and want to be good straight away, you could probably kit yourself out with the best stuff for about £20 which isn't really too expensive in comparison to other F2P games. if (like me) you're trying to grind and play for free there is a lot less available to you, most of the high end custom car parts such as body kits and ride height adjustment cost real money (boost as it is known in game) however with enough grinding it is possible to win any part in the game at random (the system for this is quite fun and involves selecting a card from 5 at the end of a race, in theory, if you win the race and selected a good card you could be given a car part that costs quite a bit of real money). Cars on the other hand are much less flexible, if you want to drive a specific car like a Ford Capri, or a Lamborghini Reventon, you'll have to pay, however there are a number of cars that can be earned while playing F2P including an Audi R8, Lamborghini and a few other exotic cars as well as more low level cars such as Mazda MX5, VW Scirocco, VW R34 Golf, Nissan R32 Skyline etc.


The game is easy to play and requires very little talent (honestly, if you can go around a corner you're better than 60% of other players) and is orientated around PC playing, so there's no need to worry about not having a steering wheel since the game doesn't even support it, it is however compatible with game pads like the Xbox 360 controller. The car handling is very arcady so there is no need to worry about over steer or understeer as they don't exist according to the game.


You can modify and paint your car quite extensively and you will be seen and (if you're good) recognised by players through your unique car modifications, some of which are hilarious! 


Any one who wants to add me as a friend and play can look for fergarino on origin!


Finally, here's my custom Nissan Silvia SIS in game :P


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Is this similar in free roaming style as TDU2?

Almost identical minus car shops, events are easier to get into and are actually populated too unlike TDU, car modding is more fun as well. Also when in free roam it is impossible to ram or be rammed which is good.

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