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[NEW FACTION] Serbian Armed Forces

Serbian Armed Forces  

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After noticing how little we use the fantastic RHS:SAF equipment, I was wondering how many people would like to see some more Serbian gear through a new faction.


Serbian gear ranges from AKs to M4s and everything in between, the main limitations to gear I would suggest are clothing (keeping it mainly Serbian / basic Militia). Serbia uses a mix of both Western and Eastern vehicles and equipment, the main benefit of a SAF implementation being a new batch of unused gear to try in conjunction with what we already use.



I would be happy to assist with the Arsenal set-up of this faction if it was to be accepted @Ryko, since myself and @Pancake already got through half of it.


Some import gear used by SAF (that is available in Stiletto):

- G36

- FN Minimi

- AK101


- HK 416

- M4

- MP5

- G17

- M82

- Scar-L

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