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Arma 3 - Temporary Move to DEV Branch


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As a jerk reaction to keep people playing on our servers, Ahoy World will be temporarily moving all servers to the DEV branch until Bohemia Interactive merge the "anti-hack" changes to the STABLE branch.
So, to join our servers for the next couple of days, you'll need to update your game to the DEV branch. Here's how:
  • Open up your Steam Library
  • Right-click Arma 3 and select Properties
  • Go to the Betas tab
  • Select Development Branch from the drop-down menu
  • Press Close
Your Arma 3 installation should then update itself to the DEV branch and you'll be ready to go! We'll let everyone know here as soon as we move back to STABLE.


Thank you all for your co-operation and we hope to see you on the battlefield!

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Nice so they were able to prevent the viral script thing? I read that the first patch they released didn't do much to prevent the hack, I hope they got it under control now. I'll see if I can make some time to play and test it today.


And thank you rarek and all the aw staff for the hard work !

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