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In-game name when banned: Fluke

What message displays when you attempt to connect? battleeye ban -zis -racism (and seeing that spooked the daylight out of me...)

Why do you think you were banned? Apparantly racism, but since this occured 09-2016 and I rarely played in that time or the following year I can't remember.

Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted? A smart-ass... yes. But I'm not a racist. There's just some things I never say. I've spoken to Piranha on TS, and he told me he couldn't give me the details about my ban (against policy). I respect that, but it makes it almost impossible to 1) remember what it was all about and 2) come up with a heartfelt apology. To be honest: racism stands so far from who I am (and was), I don't even care that much about the ban being lifted, rather than knowing what it was about and knowing how and to whom I have to apologize. In-sight in the context (maybe chatlines I've used?) would be nice as it would help me judge the situation. A step further even: I feel there is a distinct possibility it's not even about me. But if it is, it's pretty embarassing and I would have work to do. The only way to go about this, is this appeal, so here I am.

Which administrator banned you (if known): Zis

When were you banned: 09-2016


EDIT: took me a while but here's my UID: 76561198081643147 (I have never played other than with my current Steam account so if this number checks out I fear I'm guilty as charged... oh man I sure hope not... :/ ). Pretty gutwrenched about this to be honest... hope I will get a message in my email as well about a follow up post, so I can reply promptly. Editing this post I had to select a prefix. I hope "action requried" is suitable, if not it's probably "pending review". Happy holidays first, I guess :).


EDIT 2:  weird how you can block memories of past behavior. This little episode made me quit Arma for quite some time. The quote brought it back. Even within context it was stupid to stay (I quoted some VON-troll), but without context it looks especially horrible. No excuse though, shouldn't allow myself to get dragged in this childish stuff. Hasn't happened before, won't happen again. Thanks for the lift :).

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After looking back at the chat logs it appears you were having a conversation with someone in the same vehicle as you, this person wasn't replying in chat, so i can only assume he was talking in voice chat. Unfortunately, this means you cant apologize to the person.


To quote you on 16/09/2016 "20:15:22 : Vehicle: Fluke: admit it, you like fat n**gers...."


Because its been over a year since the ban i am willing to unban you. Any further misbehaving will result in the ban being reintroduced. 


Ban Lifted



Stand-in Community Referee

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