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I&A Arsenal - not loading loadouts.


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In all likelihood those loadouts have something in them that is blacklisted.  And if in I&A something is blacklisted it is just not in the arsenal.  On AWE it's handled different, if you load a loadout with a blacklisted item in it that item will just be removed.  The XLA fixed arsenal mod makes this possible without too much scripting.  

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I have only tried to save load outs I can actually use. I can equip the stuff, I can play with it, I can save it... I just can't load it once saved. 

Even the "save load out" scroll wheel option lets me respawn with the items.

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This issue has been encountered by several people (including myself) already. The last time as I played Arma3 on a fresh installed PC, without any active mods.


The following helped to solve the issue (as stupid as it sounds):


1) Create a new loadout (content does not matter) on one of the Ahoyworld-servers. Not sure, if this step is necessary, but I performed it anyway.

2) Open the loadout-loading screen and click onto randomly selected entries, no matter if they are greyed out or not.

3) Load some of them and repeat step 2.


The load-button should become active again for all the entries.


The other option is to recreate your Arma3-profile from scratch. This was the solution, which was provided by some external forums, but since the above described steps worked for me, I have not tried the other options.

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Is there by any chance a maximum number of allowed load outs?


The load button in the arsenal is not grayed out for the first 9 load outs I have, but 10-> are always grayed out and unable to load!


...and since my first 12 load outs are for AWE, I tend to stand in my underwear on EU1. :D

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