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Guns On Wheels


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Hello Ahoy-Forums,


since I really love inhabit your I&A server(s) lately, I thought why not saying hello in peace-times to prevent littering the side-chat in war-times?

First of all, excuse the capital letters sometimes, my machine corrects my spelling and sometimes confuses german, english, klingon and elbish.


My name is Sebastian on your servers and I especially play roles of medic and repair specialist aka drivergunner.

My group is often called "Guns On Wheels" because that is what it is. :-P


I like Ahoy Servers, because I can be a repair specialist AND I can drive AND I can man the guns...and I like the pilot Alex except the one time when he cheated me with Patrick.........

I don´t like Ahoy Servers, because someone wasted my ammo yesterday and right when facing an enemy AT soldier the gun was empty. :-P

And I don´t like when my Hunter is taken and driven away from my firing position. :P


I love pink, purple, glitter, rainbows, unicorns and weapons of mass destruction.

I don´t mind driving a kuma to the 11klick away AO, I don´t mind packing my Hunter full of supplies for friendly AT ... I love combined arms. 


So what to say... hello everybody.

It´s me, Guns On Wheels, Sebastian. :-)

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Hi Sebastian. I've also seen you on the servers a few times.


I agree with you're hate for driving for miles (none of this damn KM here :D) to get to an AO. It's even worse when you have to drive the same distance back to rearm and repair!

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