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  1. Must find some time for some Ahoy Arma!
  2. Zico

    Community Update#3

    I was just browsing in the Donator's forum and saw the thread where you had a competition for a banner inside I&A. Had you considered perhaps opening up something for a sponsor? Not sure if this has already been considered in the past.
  3. Zico

    Community Update#3

    Haven't actually been on in a while but I've made a small donation. Hopefully I'll find some time to stop by and enjoy I&A4.
  4. Even if there were random people at the side who've had little or no communication, it's sometimes still a good thing to see people taking an interest in the mission being there. With regards to who would be rewarded, I honestly don't know. I would simply be happier to see the side mission reward be available to anybody who has partaken in the side mission (perhaps spawning within the radius of the mission on the map) than spawn the other side of the map and be scooped up by somebody who just so happens to be at the main base. It would be a pain to have a competent enemy spawn camp the base/FOB though think of the pleasure of flanking round behind them and putting them down. An alternative would be for a small force of AI spawn to patrol the base OR for Blue Force to have an option via the tablet for an automated base defence if such a persistent threat is posed.
  5. 4) New side mission idea Capture and hold - located at one of the military compounds dotted around the map, the first part of the mission would be for the Blue Force to attack and capture the compound. The defence would be infantry based with a limited MRAP/Light Strike/Pick up element. Once captured, the alert would be given that within X time, a CSAT/AAF QRF/QRT (quick reaction force/team) will be responding to attempt to re-capture the compound. The compound is then to be held for X time (or until all attacking forces are eliminated) before the mission is classified as a success. Failure would be as a result of all Blue Forces being eliminated within a small radius of the compound.
  6. That's good to hear Stanhope. I didn't post before but I thought that (if it's relatively simple to do) if the reward was to spawn at the site of the completed side mission, this would be (in my opinion) preferred over spawning back at main base. I would love to have a better knowledge of the mission editor and coding so as to get a better understanding of the complexity and time taken to code in suggestions posted. With regards to the vehicles being driven and dumped around the base, how does it currently work? Is it coded that vehicles only re-spawn if a player is within X distance of them or within a defined area? If it's within a distance of a player, could this be reduced (particularly for the quads)? When I am base tidying, I also get a little OCD that vehicles engines are left running so end up jumping in and switching them off . I understand and agree with a lot of what you say. Once the FOBs are up, travel times using ground vehicles is reduced (within reason). I guess I partly mentioned the main base with regards to my first point and the side reward spawn. Still, sometimes a long drive can clear the head and allows the rest of the crew some time to grab a drink/snack . As I mentioned above, I'm not really aware of how complex or simple it would be to code in some of the suggestions that I have raised or seen raised by others. I can certainly see the potential balance issues of having the base/FOB spawn camped by a well versed player (TheScar certainly could hold down a base with his prowler full of AT's - sorry TheScar not a dig at you ). Keep the change as a tip!!
  7. Welcome to Ahoyworld Ravager.
  8. While I am downloading the AWE mod's I thought I would brain dump some of my thoughts on the I&A mission. Apologies for any repetition (I've had a quick browse to see what's been posted before). 1) Side rewards It's a shame that those of us who carry out side missions may miss out on the reward vehicle spawned back at base as you're stuck on the other side of the map. It would be good if there was a way to lock/delay spawn/relocate the reward so that those who've carried out the mission could gain from it. On a side note, it's a pet peeve of mine that people often take vehicles from the main base and drive them into the rewards field to get there before anybody else. I often spend a few minutes driving abandoned vehicles back into the spawn cause I'm nice like that :D. 2) Main base Has there been any recent discussion on the location of the main base? Thinking from a vehicle perspective (armour more than hunter/prowler), it's very time consuming to potentially have to drive the entire length of the map from main base to reach an AO. It's even more time consuming to reach the AO just as it's completed only for the new AO to spawn the other side of the map (oh it makes me laugh ). How about swapping FOB Guardian/Altis International for main base and making the old base an FOB? 3) PvP Has there been any thought on having a limited number of slots (1 or 2) available for CSAT/AAF players? In the absence of Zeus/Spartan it would be a little more interesting to have that potential intelligent foe out there fighting back (spawning in the AO locations if that can be alternated without a fixed location for a base?). All things considered, I still enjoy the I&A mission in its current revision and appreciate the time spent developing it!
  9. Welcome LazyBuzzard. I must get myself sorted out for the AWE server so I can get away from the commoners on the EU1 server *jokes*
  10. Zico


    Hi TJ. Welcome to Ahoyworld.
  11. Zico


    Hello and welcome Avonhold.
  12. Welcome to Ahoyworld. As GamerbugUK mentions, with the time difference, we may never meet on the servers but enjoy them anyway!
  13. Zico


    Hi and welcome (back) to Ahoyworld.
  14. Hi and welcome to Ahoyworld. As above, if you shoot the right people you'll be fine. If you shoot the wrong people just make sure to apologise and don't do it again . If you're new to Arma then I would highly recommend playing through the VR modes in single player to get to grips with the overall gameplay.
  15. Hi Sebastian. I've also seen you on the servers a few times. I agree with you're hate for driving for miles (none of this damn KM here ) to get to an AO. It's even worse when you have to drive the same distance back to rearm and repair!
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