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Using the ATragMX

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This will be a rather limited guide on how to use the ATragMX.  It will only focus on what you need to do to get a zeroing for your scope.  Screenshot will be provided for most steps.  Let's get started.



Before we begin: 
We will need the following items on us: the ATragMX, a kestrel 4500NV, a microDAGR gps, a high powered rifle and a scope that has ACE zeroing.
 In this example i'll be using the M107 with the Mk 211 STD rounds, which are HEIAP rounds (high explosive incendiary armor piercing).




Step 1: Setting up the microDAGR gps.
This step will link the data from your vector to your ATragMX.  Meaning that you will not have to manually put in the numbers for the target.  This step only has to be done once.


First of all press left shift+home until you see the microDAGR in the top right.  Then press home twice.  You should now see the microDAGR. You'll need to click on the bars in the top-left as indicated in this screenshot:



When you click on that icon you'll see a new screen with 4 options.  You'll need to click on the 'connect to' option. 



After you clicked on the connect to option you'll get send back to the initial screen that looks different now:



Now your microDagr is linking the data from your vector to your ATragMX.  Close the microDagr with left ctrl+home.



Step 2: selecting your gun

In this step we'll select the gun we're going to be shooting.  You'll only have to select this once.

Open up the ATragMX by pressing left shift + home until you see the ATragMX in the top left corner.  Then press home and you'll see this: 



Now press the gunlist button in the bottom left corner.  A new screen will open where you'll need to select the gun you'll be using.  Once you've selected the right gun press open gun.  To know which gun is the right one you'll have to know which bullets you're using.  This can be seen in your inventory.  Alternatively you can make your own custom guns.  I'll probably make a tutorial about that on in the future.



After pressing open gun you'll be send back to the 'home-screen'.  Close down the ATragMX with left ctrl + home and move to the next step.



Step 3: Kestrel 4500NV
This step will explain how to get all the necessary atmospheric information from the kestrel and how and where to put it in the ATragMX.  Depending on how accurate you want to be you can either do this once at mission start or you can check this info periodically to see if the temperature etc. changed.  You'll have to do this at least once. 
I personally do it once right after loading my loadout from the arsenal.  If i'm taking shots at extreme ranges i'll also update this info.

First off start by pressing left shift + home until you see the Kestrel.  Press home twice to open it up.  Now use the up and down arrows on the kestrel to cycle to user screen 2.



Once you have user screen 2 open press home once more to just display the kestrel.  And press left shift + home again until you see the ATragMX.  Press home to open it up.  This should now be on your screen:



Now press on the Atmsphr button on the top of the middle column.  A new screen will open on the ATragMX, this is what you should see:



Now type the right data from the kestrel into the ATragMX like demonstrated in this screenshot: (Note that millibars and hPa are exactly the same)



When you copy pasted the info you can close the kestrel (press shift home until you see the kestrel then press ctrl home).  So now you'll see the following on your screen:



Now also close down the ATragMX and move to the next step.


Step 4: ranging the target

This step will get you the initial value you need for zeroing your scope.  In the next optional step you will (or will not) tweak this value a bit to account for wind. 
This step should be repeated every time you repositioned and/or if the target you're shooting at moved a significant distance.

To range the target first take out your vector by pressing B.  Then find the target you want to shoot at.  Now press and hold R and tab at the same time.  Keep holding them until a red box appears around the cross in the middle.  Now release both R and tab and you'll have a range and a bearing for your target.



Because we started with linking our vector to the ATragMX all the relevant information about the target is now inputted in the ATragMX.  Now you can chose if you're going to ignore wind influence or not.  
If you chose to ignore the wind you'll have to do the following: put the vector away by pressing B.  Take your high powered rifle and open the ATragMX up.  You'll see the following:



Now put the 2 values that are in the red circle into your scope.  For the elevation value (top one) press page up and page down for minor adjustments (0.1) and shift page up and page down for major adjustments (1). For the wind one (which in this case is just bullet drift caused by the spinning of the bullet) press ctrl page up and page down for minor adjustments (-x.x is to the left +x.x is to the right) and shift ctrl page up and page down for major adjustments.
You cannot put those values in your scope while having the ATragMX open so you'll have to memorize them.

If you chose to take wind into account do the things said in the next step.


Step 5 (optional): wind


First off press left shift +K, this will display an arrow in the top left of your screen. It indicates wind strength and direction.  Now open the kestrel again and switch to user screen 1.  Now put the kestrel on display mode again and open the ATragMX.  Click on Target on the top left column.  You should now see this:



Now take the bottom value from the Kestrel and put it on the 2 fields behind wind speed.  If the wind speed is constantly changing put the min value in the first field and the max value in the second field.  If the wind is stable put the same value in both fields.  Now press Done on the ATragMX (bottom left of the screen).  Close down the kestrel and put the new values in your scope.



Step 6: pull the trigger
I don't think this step requires a lot of explaining so i'll just leave this here:





This concludes this guide.  This is how i use the ATragMX to fire at longer ranges.  You can, but don't have to, use it as a marksman on gauntlet.  I personally care it around with everything set up except the target and the wind.  I only use it when i'm shooting stuff more than 600m out and will almost never input the wind values.  
You are of course free to use it however you like.


Feel free to post any questions, comments, constructive criticism, ... below






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