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Hello everyone,

My name is Max but most of you know me as SYNSYN or SYN or Scottish Watermelon or just Watermelon (Personally I prefer Watermelon but who cares)


I live in Aberdeen, Scotland (my whole lift not just 10 minutes of it ;D)

I work in the construction industry full time so my activity is average and I have played on enhanced since FEB/MARCH time. I have over 3500 hours on Arma 3 and have played on it for a good part of my teenage years I love all the different mods, vehicles and servers and up to recently I spent a majority of my time between Arma 3 life servers and GMOD SWRP but this year my interest has peaked towards MILSIM. 


I have quite a lot of experience in Arma as a staff member I have owned/ran a couple communities but I have played on hundereds from Arma 2 onwards.


I can be helpful and offer support if people need it but I also can be a Watermelon hence my favourite nickname being Watermelon I tend to hate other people online who think highly of themself and act egotistical or think they are better then most and I speak my thoughts without hestitation which can get my in trouble but so be it. If I have pissed people off in the past I apoligise but I do not take it back if it was justified but if Im wrong tell me. Anyway thank you too the people who welcomed me and thanks for the laughs so far and here's to more,



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