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In-game name when banned: reece millns

What message displays when you attempt to connect? Reece Millns\See user tracking-several rules\Copey

Why do you think you were banned?  I was banned for many reason most of them where me being a dick and disobeying rules and admins which I did also i was banned because I have had a week ban and I didn't learn from that as you can see I was also banned for blowing up friendly assets which I admit to on one game night when the mission was ending and that is when the disobeying a moderator/admin which I admit to as well and I did without thinking about the consequences.

Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted? I think I should be unbanned because I have had a month to think about what I did and relax during this month i have realized that what I did was completely unacceptable and I did deserve this ban but I think that within this month I have thoroughly thought about what I did and I know what I need to not do for this to happen again I have also read up on the rules and I now know them so I can not make the same mistakes I did to get me in this situation also i have spent all of my ban time away from ahoy and playing with other arma squads and this has made me more aware of how to act in the situations that cause these incidences.

Which administrator banned you (if known): copey

When were you banned: 25/11/16

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After looking back through our records it is clear to us that you were not mature enough to be able to follow the rules. Breaking them on a very regular occurrence. The constant messing about and not thinking before doing kind of attitude. 
The admin team have had multiple discussions with you on team speak about issues as they arise, all of which you apologise to. These seem to fix the problem for a couple of days and then you are back mucking about. 
I am willing to give you ONE FINAL chance. Id like to make it crystal clear that this means any breaking of the rules, no matter how big or small, will result in a ban from EU1,EU2,AWE,EU4 & Teamspeak and any other server that we run. This would also mean it CANNOT be appealed. 
Although you have had way to many chances i believe it was a maturity issue at the time. I hope that you can prove to us that you can make an effort to start thinking before acting and listen to the chain of command. 
I know you have exams coming up very soon and id hope you spend more time studying for them rather than on ahoy. Until they are finished. 
I'm not going to be around on team speak until mid June as I'm studying for exams as well, but ill still be on rcon and the whole team have be notified on the decision. 
Please don't let us down! 
Ban lifted 
Stand-in Community referee



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