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The reason why we are spawning as seagulls

If you have been playing on the MP servers over the last few hours or so you will have noticed that you may have been spawning as a seagull at the start of missions.

The facts

This issue started roughly when the latest development build (0.5.102980 dev) was made available and is widespread over a lot of servers.

logic dictates that this is going to be an engine bug not some script kiddie or hacker.

Fortunately there is a Server admin Skype channel, where this type of information can be discussed relatively quickly.

The general conscenus of this channel is:

If a client running the latest development build of arma3 connects to a server, they will cause a bug to occur which spawns players as seagulls.

So to re-iterate, this is highly suspected of being an engine bug nothing more.

BIS are aware of this and i would suspect this will be a priority for them when they start work in the morning

There are rumours that this is caused by cheaters/hackers/script kiddies.

If you don't know how to prove these suspicions or cannot prove them please don't spread malicious rumours which does nobody any good.

If you don't know how to run the Development version and want too, this is how you do it

1) Open Steam

2) Select library

3) Right click on ArmA3 & select properties

4) Select Beta tab

in the drop down box, select "development-Development Build"

ArmA3 will then automatically update if it isnt running

If in the future you want to revert to a stable build, simply undo the option and the ArmA3 version will roll back to the last stable





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