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Oil Cooling


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So I started my endeavor today toward the new PC build, I went and bought me a 6 Gallon fish tank (pics coming soon) to house the thing.


Next I had to source a test sample of Liquid Paraffin (Horse laxative)  so off to the vets and pet shops!! Finally found some :D although at £3 for a small sample I feel that baby oil will be the way to go despite it's awful smell :P


Just need to find a wholesaler now or source some 60 bottles or so of baby oil from the local supermarkets, BEWARE massive pervert is loose!!.


Yeah and video's of the baby/paraffin tests below. 


I will document this and try to make plenty of videos etc. 

Lets hope it turns out well and my lovely new build works haha.






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I would recommend going for something non-commercial, purchasing paraffin through a vet is bound to be expensive.


Baby oil is going to be a rip off, regardless, also being perfumed it's not particularly desirable.


Additionally both of those products would prove troublesome to bulk buy.


I recommend an industrial dielectric fluid such as Silicone Oil:  http://mistralni.co.uk/products/silicone-oil-350-polydimethylsiloxane


I read that it's beneficial to seal the back of your motherboard with a dielectric polymer before submersion, this apparently prevents localised over heating in the small spaces below components on the board, which can be an issue in submerged pcs due to the liquid not circulating as efficiently as air through small spaces.


Envirotemp FR3 is a purpose created submersion coolant: http://www.cargill.com/products/industrial/dielectric-fluid/index.jsp     

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Baby oils viscosity is perfect(the smell however is grotesque). the silicone oil you just linked is another good alternative. 


Hopefully i'll find a good deal somewhere.


I'm going to try and set up a way of causing oil the be continuously moved around, my current idea is to have to motherboard mounted on a sheet of perspex only a few mm thick(need to find a way to put the risers in otherwise it's going to have to be bolted to it), with fans either side of the tank pushing fresh oil into the center this should allow for good heat dissipation, as well as small heatsinks on the mosfets etc.

Large aftermarket cooler on the CPU as well, sourcing parts like low wattage cpu's and motherboards, i'm not looking to make it a supercharged beast.   


Haven't decided on a closed rad loop yet although the ones i've seen have done find without them. I will keep a close eye on the temperature for the first few weeks to see how it does and make and changes if required. perhaps your schematics for the fish tank cooler may come into effect soon xD

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  • 2 weeks later...

Here is a few pictures showing all the parts i've bought for this project :) going to be cutting and modding some perspex later today or tomorrow to mount the motherboard on, after that it's wiring it all up and finding places to mount everything.


Cannot wait to get this finished. 

I will upload some more pictures and video's of my progress and as when I continue. 







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So.... Do the fish for the tank come in the component boxes? And i'm pretty sure they can't live in oil xD


On topic though, looks amazing, better than anything I could ever build. Can't wait to see how it turns out 

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haha i wish i could have fish in it :( although despite getting over the oil the chances of electrocuting them selves on a short circuit would be rather hilarious :D 

Yeah I can't wait have everything in and working. Although I'm still pretty scared to pour the 25 liters of oil in it rofl. 

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Just mounted the motherboard to the acrylic sheet :) next up will be finding a place for the rest of the components and wiring it up #yay 

I'll add more screenshots as and when I finish things ^_^

I hope to have it finished by the end of the weekend. 



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I think the Dr.Pepper really brings the Project together.  on a sereous note, i'v always thought this kind of thing was a cool concept and project idea but for me i would only do it for a general use/media pc as my precious needs its share of upgrades every now and then, because once you pour that oil, upgrading will be a pain!

you should get fake plastic fish and a treasure chest that opens and closes from bubbles btw

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Oh yeah, gravel, bubble machine and sunken loot & pirate ship is a 100% definite gogo, I just haven't got around to purchasing them yet. 

As for upgrades my precious is air cooled so, this is my side project and girlfriends PC so I won't be upgrading really, although I am adding in a few things to help me upgrade when it's all in the fish tank.

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  • 1 month later...

Here are a few more pictures from today's work should hopefully have it finished of tonight when I have my second pair of hands to help me sort all the cabling out while I hold the PC in position. :D 

Really cannot wait to finish this off. 







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I've seen one other person do this is looks cool but far to much work and that tank of mine is pretty small so it's more effort than it's worth for maybe one goldfish xD

Boom 98% there. just neeed to organize all the cables inside make sure everything works 100% and then fill with oil!!!!





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