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Greetings Ahoy!

LT Dan

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Howdy Gents, I have played a little bit of ARMA 3, but still need more time in game. I have been watching luetin09 on youtube and really enjoy the look of the ahoy server. 

I am former military, US Army.

I look forward to joining you all on future ops. 

It would be great if i could get some players to work with me to learn your server, mods, and operating procedures.


Cheers LT Dan

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As an American, I thank you for your service to our country. Let me get you prepped with everything you need to know:

Rules and standard operating procedure:

Mod repositories via Arma3sync for EU 1 and 2 (your standard casual servers which is the public add-ons that are optional) and EU 3 (which is the modded server)

If you search "Ahoy" in your search bar in Arma and give it a moment, all EU servers will appear, and they are as follows (or you can go on our teamspeak and their IPs will be in the server channel descriptions):

EU1: Altis running Invade and Annex: casual spawn in a base and attack random objectives spawning on the map

EU2: Tanoa running Invade and Annex

EU3: Modded operations running Gauntlet which operates like Invade and Annex with random spawning objectives, but the mods and teamspeak usage is REQUIRED

EU4: Luetin09's private gaming servers where he hosts operation every Friday and sometimes on Monday at 6 pm eastern standard time. Firdays operations are generally large ops while Monday operations are more tactical

EU5: a server reserved for events. The next one will be this Sunday and it's a large scale arena PvP

EU6: private server that is running with AHOSEC, Ahoyworld's millsim unit. It's currently still in the works but training days will soon start to be held on a weekly basis. For more information, look here:


 IP is as follows:

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or one of the administrators. A list of who's in charge can be found in the following link:

  We also have weekly events here, both official and unofficial. Check the news and events thread for the official ones and the general discussion thread for the unofficial ones. I usually host the unofficial ones.

Welcome to the community Lt Dan, and I'll see you in the field!

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